An Expo of Digital Art from the Media Arts & Design Program at the University of Chicago

April 7, 3-7PM

@ the MADD Center, The John Crerar Library

5730 S. Ellis Ave., Chicago, IL 60637 map

Consider the number of screens in your immediate vicinity and it becomes evident how substantial an impact media arts and design have on the ways we learn, work, play, think, act, and communicate.

Join us on 4/7, 3-7PM for an exhibition of digital art and media projects created by Media Arts & Design minors and majors.

With Projects By:

Lyssa Albertson

The Good, the Bad, and Why we Shouldn't Care

Noor Amin

Cinnamon & Antonyms

Nicole Avila

Balloon Takeoff

Screaming AND Crying

(Danny Pongprapakorn, Isaac Berman, Katherine Waterman, & Emily Cheng)


Selma Chab

Strawberry Camp

Allie Chu

Visualizing Chicago Rideshare Cost

Andre Dang

The Turtle and the World: A Tale of Two Protagonists

Cloris Han Dong


Nico Giunta

Tricky the Raccoon

Sherry Guo

sonic fragments of deconstructed vignettes

Anthony Khaiat

Stocks as Art

Avery Kirschbaum

Unpacking Nintendo's Black Boxes

Claudia Klinck

the world wavered and quivered and threatened to burst into flames / we welcome, the world seemed to say; we create.

Xavior Lewis as verb and virtue

Vivian Li

Erasure of Memory via Digital Reprocessing

Kevin Lu & Alex Sheen

Dancing with Data

Hei Ching Claudia Ng


Mehmet Efe Oral

Seeing Music

Leighton Stanfill

to see the world in a grain of sand

Perene Wang


Wanna participate!?

is accepting URL submissions!

In the style of a Speed Show, << OPEN PORTS>> is accepting any/all new media, digital art, art games, artware, hyper media, radical data visualization, experimental animation, generative art, degenerative art, glitch art,, AI/ML/UI/UX/IDK/BBQ experiments, noise music, post-post-post internet art, GIFs, APNGs, ETCs... as long as it has a URL.

Show your art/work/project at the MAADEXPO!

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